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The wine-growing area of the Thermenregion extends from the southern edge of Vienna along a chain of hills to the area south of Baden. The vineyards are planted along the foothills of the Wienerwald. The highest summit in the region is Anninger at 674 metres.

Due to a wide range of soil variety we find various growing conditions in the Thermenregion:

On the one hand the wine-growing villages along the foothills of the Wienerwald: Perchtoldsdorf, Gumpoldskirchen, Traiskirchen, Pfaffstätten, Baden and Sooss. Heavy soils such as loamy clay, sandy loam and limestone brown soil predominate in this area. Because of the detritus underneath and deep layers of alluvial material, the soils are well-drained and warm.

Tattendorf, Oberwaltersdorf and Teesdorf on the other hand are predominated by chalky gravelly soils, originating in quaternary . Constant weathering gradually leads to black earth, still showing stones on the surface.

Often compared to Burgundy on account of its soil formation and geographical configuration, the Thermenregion has long been famous for its excellent wines. An innovative generation of winemakers have realized the full potential of the area and vinify powerful, elegant and unique wines that are versatile to pair food.