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From soil to wine

Tattendorf has been known as an “isle of red wine” in the Austrian wine region Thermenregion. About 80% of the production are dominated by red wine. The reason for this specialization is on the one hand the continental climate and on the other hand the type of soil in this region.

Strolling through the vineyards, you’ll appreciate that the soil is dominated by gravel and chalk. This is one of the fundamentals for the evolution of our vines and has a major influence on the character of our wines.

The stones are warmth-preserving resulting in a higher average soil temperature, which assists ripening.

Day heat is absorbed to a depth with only a moderate rise in soil temperature, followed by marked and prolonged re-radiation of warmth at night.

Another characteristic for our area is the well-drained soil. This can lead to problems in years with little rainfall but ensure that both internal and surface drainage are good, so that the vine roots can grow to great depth and function well and continuously there. Deep vigorous roots result in a steady supply of moisture and nutrients.