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Welcome to our winery and to our “Restaurant Rebhof Schneider”.

Our name stands for one of the region’s best wineries as well as for distinguished hospitality and delightful meals.

Schneider Winery has put its focus on the red grape varieties of the burgundy family – the international Pinot Noir and the autochthonous Saint Laurent. This specialization orgins in the excellent growing conditions that mirror a close working dialogue with the continental climate, the gravelly soils, skills and passion of the individual vintners. Top ratings at renowned tastings have proven that our burgundy wines count among top qualities not in Austria alone.

Distinguished hospitality is our outmost aim at “Restaurant Rebhof Schneider”. Located right next to the winery Schneider, we provide the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine along with our wines. Enjoy delightful meals with a glass of wine from local vintners. We want you to feel at home in our restaurant.